Home Apps Turn Your iPhone Into a A Retro Gaming System With the Delta Emulator App

Turn Your iPhone Into a A Retro Gaming System With the Delta Emulator App

The full-featured emulator supports a number of popular systems including the Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo 64, Game Boy (Color), Game Boy Advance, and Nintendo DS.

For a even better experience, the emulator feature built-on controller skins for all systems. You can even import controller skins made by others or make your own to share with others.

You can use a wide variety of controllers including all MFi game controllers, Bluetooth and wired keyboards, Nintendo Switch Pro controllers, Joy-Cons, Nintendo Switch Online controllers, PS4, PS5, Xbox One S, and Xbox Series X.

With Haptic Touch support, you can get a quick peek at game, saves states, and game cheat codes. The app icon shortcuts allow you to quickly access most recently played games or you can customize it to always include certain games.

When playing, you can select buttons for the emulator to press down for you to free your thumb for other tasks. That’s perfect for any game that requires one button to be held down constantly.

A Fast Forward option allows you to speed through slow parts of the game by running much faster than normal. You can enable or disable through the pause menu or with a mapped button on an external controller.

The app allows you to sync games, game saves, save states, cheats, controller skins, and controller mappings between devices. You can view version histories of everything you sync and optionally restore to an earlier version. It also support Google Drive and Dropbox.

Head to the pause menu to save and load save states from any game. To protect a save state from accidentally be overwritten, you can lock it.

Other features includes automatically displaying box art for imported games and microphone support for DS games.

Delta is a free download now on the App Store.

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