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L3E7 Is an Innovative Location Based Game with NFTs

That’s a big (and slightly confusing) claim, so read on to find out why you need to have L3E7 on your radar.

Created by a team of developers with more than 50 games and multiple AAA credits under their respective belts, L3E7 is the world’s first 3D location-based game that incorporates blockchain technology—one of the cornerstones of Web3.

A glance at the screenshots will tell you that it boasts some seriously impressive visuals, stylish character art, and a compelling cyberpunk aesthetic.

Here’s everything else you need to know.

Ingeniously, L3E7 manages to have its location-based cake and eat it by setting its action on an exact facsimile of earth called—you guessed it—L3E7.

Discovered by astronomers in a bit of space called Lagrange 3, which is located on the other side of the sun, L3E7 is exactly like Earth in terms of the layout of its cities, but it differs significantly in terms of its coolness factor.

L3E7 is not the old boring planet that we are too familiar with, but a futuristic cyberpunk planet full of bosses, battles, and valuable artifacts.

Playing L3E7 transports you directly there, letting you explore cities recreated in exhaustive detail and based on Google Maps data.

As with Pokemon GO, you can do this on foot with your mobile phone, getting exercise while you play. But you can also explore L3E7 at home on your PC, ensuring that it’s accessible to the largest possible community of players.

Gameplay-wise, L3E7 sees you taking on bosses in asynchronous PVE battles with other players. While everybody is cooperating to defend earth’s landmarks, everybody is also competing to inflict the most damage and earn the greatest rewards.

And rewards in L3E7 are worth fighting for, since you can get your hands on some unique NFTs to trade, sell, or sit on to earn dividends from the game’s profits.

All that’s a while off, though we can reveal that L3E7 will enter its first closed beta fairly soon.

You can follow the game’s progress on X, Discord, and YouTube.

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