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The Shredderz NFTs Amp Up Exclusive Perks for Metalheads

‘Shredz’, the band’s collection of 6,666 hand-drawn characters, embodies their goal of creating a community for metalheads where fans can actively participate in their success.

Additionally, each NFT provides access to exclusive revamped tracks and a gamified listening experience like no other.

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Shredz Multifaceted Musical Journey

The Shredderz dropped their debut album in collaboration with The Orchard, a top global music distributor under Sony Music Entertainment. Featuring guitar legends like Alex Skolnick, Gary Holt, and George Lynch, each track is a powerhouse display of metal talent.

Now, Shredz NFT holders can actively shape the band’s future through song choices, artwork, merchandise design, partnerships, and touring plans.

Furthermore, the band’s collaboration with Audius, a decentralized streaming platform, offers an immersive listening experience for all Shredz owners. Fans can earn rewards by engaging with the music, unlocking additional tracks, festival tickets, and more.

By collaborating with LifeScore’s AI technology, The Shredderz also reimagines their original music across genres such as LoFi, hip-hop, house, epic orchestra, and drum and bass. 

The band’s innovative approach to fan engagement redefines what it means to be part of a band’s journey, offering unique and interactive experiences that resonate with metalheads worldwide.

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