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Terry Crews’ Doctor Finds Possible Cancerous Polyps During Colonoscopy

Terry Crews isn’t afraid to go deep with a role.

The actor underwent an actual colonoscopy while reprising his character from 2006’s Idiocracy in a new campaign for Lead From Behind, which aims to raise awareness that colon cancer is preventable. During the procedure, Terry’s doctor found potentially cancerous polyps in his system.

As seen in a video released on July 25, Terry—dressed in President Camacho’s patriotic garb—visited his physician for an examination. “I came for the future to get the best care now, so that I can live forever,” the 54-year-old explained. “I am the president, Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew—not Mountain Don’t. And today, I’m about to Mountain do-do.”

He added, “My ass is about to be clean as glass!”

Indeed, the doctor did a very thorough job. After Crews awoke from the 25-minute procedure, he was informed that several polyps that could potentially turn cancerous were removed from his body.

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