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Sky Mavis Welcomes Popular MMORPG IP Ragnarok to Ronin

What is Ragnarok: Monster World?

Ragnarok: Monster World is a strategy game blending tower defense and monster collecting elements set in the Ragnarok universe.

The game offers players the opportunity to collect Ragmons, unique creatures that are central to the game, serving both in-game and on-chain functions. Players can construct powerful Ragmon decks, which will be obtainable through the Mavis Market or in-app purchases.

Moreover, players can engage in PvP battles, guild conquests, and PvE missions for rewards which are distributed in ZENY points. These points are exchangeable for in-game currencies or the token $ZENY, to be introduced post-launch.

With its blend of familiar gameplay mechanics and the rich lore of the popular IP, Ragnarok: Monster World aims to offer an experience that appeals to both fans of the franchise and newcomers alike.

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