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Panda Bear and Sonic Boom Announce Dub Rework of Their Album Reset

Panda Bear and Sonic Boom have announced a full dub rework of their 2022 album, Reset. It’s called Reset in Dub, and it was helmed by British dub producer Adrian Sherwood. It’s out August 18 digitally and December 8 on vinyl. Check out “Whirlpool Dub (Adrian Sherwood Reset in Dub Remix)” below.

“I like big empty spaces; I like malls when there’s no one there and the beach in the wintertime—visually it’s simple and uncluttered and the noise of the surf drowns out everything else, so I suppose it’s no surprise I’ve always liked the sound of dub,” Panda Bear said in a statement. “And though some stuff bears its mark more than others I’d wager you can find residues of it in everything I’ve done. As a fan of Adrian’s I was excited when Pete [Kember aka Sonic Boom] suggested we ask him to do some dubs of Reset tracks, but as they started to come through it was clear what he was working on was much more than a dub. Reset in Dub feels like the thing filtered through a prism and it recontextualizes the OG.”

“This is a complete reset of Reset from myself and the On-U Sound crew,” Sherwood added. “Being a fan of Animal Collective and Spacemen 3, when it was suggested we do this together I loved the idea and relished the challenge. We talked about influences, old records, mixing techniques and made a plan, which was to keep all the elements of trippy fun, but with added menace, groove and an ultra active mix for the ‘heads.’ Very happy and proud of the result.”

Panda Bear and Sonic Boom are performing at Chicago’s Pitchfork Music Festival on Saturday, July 22. Tickets are on sale now.

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