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2024 Deals We’re Doing with High Cash Flow

Want a low mortgage rate? We mean a really low rate—like 4.75% in 2024 low. What about half a million in profit on a sneaky development deal? Or, maybe you’d settle for a quick house flip that pockets you $55,000 on a bad day. These aren’t made-up numbers; these are REAL deals that our expert investing panel is doing in today’s hot, hot housing market. And if you know where to find deals and steals like these, you, too, could be taking home huge profits like they are! Thankfully, they’re sharing all their secrets on today’s episode!

David and Rob are taking some time off to play pickleball, while Dave Meyer and the entire On the Market podcast panel join us today! In this show, we’re talking about the real estate deals getting done in 2024. Each expert brings in a deal they’ve recently done and showcases how they found it, what they bought it for, how much cash flow or profit they’re going to make, and advice to help YOU repeat these home-run real estate deals.

First, Dave will share about a cash-flowing on-market rental property he bought (while abroad!) thanks to his inventor-friendly agent. Kathy Fettke gives tips on getting a low mortgage rate on your next new construction rental and how doing so could massively boost your cash flow. Henry Washington walks through a quick flip that will make him $55,000 on the low end and the ingenious way he found this deal. And finally, James Dainard talks about the almost unbelievably good development deal he’s doing in Seattle that will profit $500,000 (yes, that’s half a million!).

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • How to score a mortgage rate in the four-percent range by buying new construction rentals
  • The three big housing market challenges of 2024 and how investors can overcome them
  • How to find cash-flowing, on-market rental properties by investing out-of-state
  • One of the smartest ways to find off-market real estate deals for flipping or holding
  • The one contract clause that is helping James make $500K+ on his new development deal
  • And So Much More!

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