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DeLabs Drops First Batch of NFTs for Upcoming RPG ‘Metabolts’

The World of Metabolts NFTs 

Diving into the realm of Metabolts, players will find the character NFTs not just visually striking but also loaded with advantages. NFT proprietors will unlock avenues for exclusive Delabs airdrops, opportunities for staking rewards, and preliminary benefits within the game.

Diverse pricing brackets are established, reflecting the various levels of participant investment in the Delabs community, resulting in mint costs fluctuating between approximately $30.54 (0.1 ETH) to $183.26 (0.06 ETH) at this time of writing)).

Particularly noteworthy is Delabs’ ‘Adventure Pass’ NFT, which operates as the premier key to accessing a multitude of privileges across Delabs’ gaming catalog.

Adventure Pass bearers and strategic partners are favored with a 24-hour head start, allowing them to reserve their mints through a preliminary sale down payment.

Next up, those on the Whitelisted compilation have the assurance of securing their mints from the remaining Private Sale selection. Once these priority phases conclude, the Public Sale unveils the opportunity for the greater public to garner these intriguing assets.

Delabs is notably already celebrated for its game Rumble Racing Star, whereby players compete with various drivers and PFPs in a lawnmower racing game, using unique items and skills on dynamic tracks to beat other players on their way to the podium, uniting NFTs like Bored Apes, Goblins, y00ts, and more.

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