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When Calls the Heart Season 11: Cast, Trailer, Release Date and Everything Else We Know

What a difference a season makes.

When Calls the Heart Season 10 began with hope in the air. Elizabeth Thornton and Lucas Bouchard were to be married. Rosemary and Lee Coulter were waiting for the arrival of their baby. One of those stories had a happy ending.

When Calls the Heart Season 11 is practically right around the corner, and while the production is very good at keeping secrets, some information has trickled out about what’s ahead.

How Did When Calls the Heart Season 10 End?

Hope Valley was bustling with activity, as always, during When Calls the Heart Season 10 Episode 12.

Rosemary and Lee looked for and found — in Henry Gowen — a godfather for Goldie, which brought Henry’s redemption full circle and was perfectly in line with the kind and compassionate Coulter family.

Henry left town to visit Abigail, which set fans’ hearts alight with the possibility that Lori Loughlin might return (someday) to reprise her role as the town’s beloved Abigail.

Mei Sou and Mike Hickham are leaning into their attraction for one another, and Madeline St. John returned to Hope Valley, putting a big smile on Bill Avery’s face.

It was the eve of the gubernatorial election, the very campaign that ultimately drove apart Elizabeth and Lucas as he chose to save the town with another sweeping gesture, and the idea of four years away from Hope Valley proved too much for Elizabeth.

Rosemary was tingling with anticipation of the election, knowing the importance of the results. If Lucas didn’t win, their way of life would be lost forever. She took it upon herself to ensure every last person in town did their civil duty by voting.

Lucas won the election. It was a salve to any remaining wound Elizabeth had about her decision, and it opened the door for her to explore her feelings for Nathan Grant, the heroic Mountie with a massive heart.

Just as they were poised to take a first step toward each other, Bill arrived. “It’s Lucas. He needs you.”

Lucas was outside campaign headquarters on a dark, rainy night when a car flashed its lights at him. We don’t know what came after, but if Bill ran to Elizabeth and Nathan, we expect it to be worth the interruption.

Lucas knew who was in the car. Could he see the person flashing the lights, or was the car familiar to him? All we know is he asked, “What are you doing here?”

Hearties went crazy after the finale. Would Lucas be alright? Would Elizabeth and Nathan ever get things right? Is Abigail really coming back to Hope Valley?

And so the wait for When Calls the Heart Season 11 began.

When Calls the Heart Season 11 Plot (and Spoilers!)

As already mentioned, this production keeps its secrets close to the vest. Even those of us who get early access to episodes never have a clue what lies ahead.

That doesn’t mean everything is in the dark. We can take cues from what already happened and from various interviews with the cast and producers.

First things first — Lucas lives. Erin Krakow has said Chris McNally is an integral part of the show, and Lucas is important to Hope Valley. If we can believe her, then Lucas continues to fight another day.

Will his footprints remain in Hope Valley, or will his new role as Governor take him elsewhere? The finale left things up in the air, but if he’s not looking for love, we’d love to see his journey in politics continue.

Lucas has introduced so much to Hope Valley in his time there, and we can only imagine what might be ahead for him, the town, and surrounding areas if he can be an influential governor.

We fully expect the feelings between Elizabeth and Nathan to be explored. Regardless of what happened to Lucas at the end of the finale, the couple parted ways amicably, and there isn’t any reason for them to revisit that union.

Nathan and Lucas have become good friends, as well. If Lucas is in any physical danger, it wouldn’t be surprising at all if Nathan and Elizabeth together helped their friend get back on track.

Creator and Executive Producer Bill Bird has promised a wedding.

It’s a little too soon for Elizabeth and Nathan to be walking down the aisle, even if there is a time jump. However, there are two other couples who could potentially be donning finery and taking vows.

Mei and Mike are the obvious choices, but so are Madeline and Bill.

Mei and Mike have only just begun their courtship, but sometimes, love takes hold, and couples bolt to the altar. Mike has waited a long time for love, and he doesn’t seem like the type to let it get away once he’s found it.

Bill and Madeline have been flirting with their feelings as well, with Bill parting with his land for his lady friend. That gesture speaks volumes, and her return to the valley does, too. Mature couples sometimes know what they want quickly, so grasping the golden ring of happiness would make sense.

Despite the tease that Abigail may reenter the story with Henry, it seems unlikely. But what a relief it would be if Henry could finally have a story that doesn’t rely on his unhappiness and guilt.

As their baby grows, Lee and and Rosemary will have their hands full — of love! But they will also be sharing news and investigating the latest trends for the paper.

We got a tease from Joseph Canfield that he’ll be expanding beyond Hope Valley to preach to a larger congregation. Since Minnie just purchased half of Abigail’s and went into business with Bill, we expect them to remain in town.

Fiona Miller admitted to Faith in the finale that she meddles in other people’s lives to avoid dealing with her own personal life. Perhaps that means she’ll be open to love in the coming season. But retaining a friendship with Faith is A-OK with us, too. Friendships make the world go round!

When Calls the Heart Season 11 Cast

Everyone mentioned above should retain a spot on the roster, and many others, as well. New cast members (and we fully expect there to be additions) will be added as the news drops.

● Erin Krakow as Elizabeth Thornton

● Pascale Hutton as Rosemary Coulter

● Chris McNally as Lucas Bouchard

● Kevin McGarry as Nathan Grant

● Jack Wagner as Bill Avery

● Kavan Smith as Leland Coulter

● Martin Cummins as Henry Gowen

Andrea Brooks as Faith Carter

● Kayla Wallace as Fiona Miller

● Ben Rosenbaum as Mike Hickam

● Amanda Wong as Mei Sou

Other returning cast members will most likely be Hrothgar Mathews as Ned Yost, Loretta Walsh as Florence Yost, Johannah Newmarch as Molly Sullivan, Stefanie von Pfetten as Maand Jaeda Lily Miller as Allie Grant.

It’s truly a family affair for the Canfield family if they return: Viv Leacock as Joseph Canfield, Natasha Burnett as Minnie Canfield, Elias Leacock as Cooper Canfield, and Vienna Leacock as Angela Canfield.

When Calls the Heart Season 11 Episodes

Although the number of episodes has gone up and down over the years, the series has settled comfortably on 12 in most cases.

Production got a jump start with a special waver during the 2023 strikes, so we hope that we’ll get a full season with plenty of romance, mystery, and community when the show returns.

If they want to surprise us with an extra episode, we certainly wouldn’t complain. Isn’t 13 a lucky number for some of us?

Is There a When Calls the Heart Season 11 Trailer?

Those who watched the When Calls the Heart Season 10 finale were surprised to get our first teaser of Season 11.

What little we got played into the romance kindling with Elizabeth and Nathan as Elizabeth eyes the handsome Mountie with a smile.

“There’s a change in the air and inside me. What we make of our lives is up to us,” Elizabeth narrates. Check it out now:

What is the When Calls the Heart Season 11 Release Date?

Production is well underway on the new season, if not already completed, but we don’t have a premiere date for the new season just yet.

When Calls the Heart Season 8 and When Calls the Heart Season 9 began in the spring of each year, while Season 10 premiered in the summer months.

There were two new series in 2023. The Way Home premiered in January, followed immediately by Ride, which has now been canceled. As a result of that cancellation, it’s possible we’ll see the new season of WCTH in March.

Fingers crossed!

Where Can I Watch When Calls the Heart?

When Calls the Heart is a Hallmark Channel original series, so you get your first crack at all of the new episodes on that channel.

You can also watch When Calls the Heart online.

Hallmark has a streaming deal with Peacock, so you can watch Hallmark networks live on the streaming service. They also have all ten seasons that already aired for those of you who need to catch up!

Hallmark Movies Now also carries new episodes (and the entire series) a day after they air, so if you aren’t afraid of spoilers, that’s another good option.

That’s all we’ve got for now, but it sure is a lot to chew on, isn’t it?

Marketing When Calls the Heart during The Way Home’s run makes sense, so we expect more news coming soon!

With all of the tidbits of information swirling around, have you come up with any theories about what’s ahead for our beloved Hope Valley residents?

We’d love to know what you think, so please share your thoughts with us below in the comments or on social media.

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