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Web3 TCG Skyweaver Reveals Big Plans For 2024

In 2014, Hearthstone’s release set a new standard for digital trading card games. The bar may have been raised once again. Skyweaver is a genre-defining digital TCG experience.

That’s what I stated back in 2022 on the release of Skyweaver’s open beta. After a stellar 2023, developers Horizon Blockchain Games – who are also behind popular web3 wallet & development platform Sequence – have revealed a series of plans that’ll push the burgeoning web3 trading card game even further in 2024.

Economy Update

Skyweaver excels in its gameplay experience, but to date has only featured three methods to earn within the game; Silver cards, Gold cards, and Conquest tickets. This is set to change in 2024.

Two new in-game currencies are on the way; Spark and Weave.

Spark will be acquired via the free Skypass, and will be used to craft non-blockchain base cards and enter free tournaments.

Weave will be acquired via the premium Skypass (a $14.95 monthly fee), and will be used to mint on-chain Silver and Gold cards, skins & cosmetics, and to enter premium events with larger prize pools.

As per Community Director Marcelo Suplicy, further details will be shared in January, ahead of the introduction of Spark and Weave later in the year.

Card Rarities

Cards in Skyweaver fall into one of three grades; non-tradable base cards, and tradable Silver and Gold cards. In 2024, these will be augmented by the introduction of card rarities.

This system will allow for “rarer” versions of cards to be crafted at the cost of more Spark and/or Weave, creating a far more complex and intricate market economy with highly-desirable, rare versions of cards.

As an example, Gold cards are currently the most sought-after in Skyweaver. If a Gold card was also a Legendary rarity (e.g. the rarest possible), the resources required to create that card and its subsequent rarity could make it incredibly sought after, and valuable to particular collectors.

An exact timescale has yet to be put on the introduction of card rarities, though they are expected to arrive in 2024.

Draft Mode

Skyweaver currently features two main gameplay modes; Constructed – your standard “build-a-deck-and-play” experience, and Discovery – where a deck of cards is assigned to you at random each game. The latter will be replaced by a staple of the TCG genre: Draft.

Draft will see 4 players compete against one another using decks made from freshly-opened packs. Over a series of rounds, players will select one of eight elemental Dragon Heroes, their 32-card deck, and a number of Events – deck modifiers that may influence which cards you’ll pick.

Players can enter one Daily Draft Ascent per day using Spark, with the chance to earn tickets to the Weekly Draft Cup – a qualifier for the Seasonal Draft Championship. Relic Drafts, entered using Weave, also offer higher Weave rewards and will include tradable cards within the Draft, which players will keep if selected.

Draft Mode is set to be introduced in Q1 2024.

2024 World Championship

Skyweaver’s competitive scene has been steadily growing over the past few years, and in 2024, the first official World Championship will be held.

Players can start their journey to becoming a World Championship finalist by taking part in Daily Constructed or Draft Tournaments, arriving in Q1 2024. These will qualify top players for Weekly Cups, with prizes including Weave, USDC and tickets to the Seasonal Championships. Top players in each Seasonal Championship will receive significant Weave and USDC prizes, and one of 32 coveted Worlds Invitations.

The 2024 World Championships will see the game’s biggest ever USDC prize pool, alongside unique tradables and the opportunity to design and/or appear in a Skyweaver card, working alongside their talented art & design teams.

In an environment of hyped-up drops, tokenomics-first development and a thirst to discover the next top earners, Skyweaver’s game-first philosophy has meant it’s flown under the radar for many – but in terms of gameplay quality, optimisation and overall polish, it’s unequivocally one of the top web3 games on the market right now.

After 5 years of continuous development, the Horizon team know to move with passion, purpose and conviction – and for the game, the team behind it, and the web3 community at large, 2024 is set to be the biggest one to date in the world of Sky.

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