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Use Astropad Slate to Control a Mac With an iPad and Apple Pencil

When using the app, your Apple Pencil mirrors the Mac cursor, basically turning your tablet into a large trackpad.

Made for artists, you can draw into your favorite creative programs with the Apple Pencil.

Your handwriting on the iPad screen will also be converted into your Mac.

Gesture input allows you to use a one-finger and two-finger gesture to scroll and zoom on the Mac, just like a trackpad.

For any iPad Pro with the Hover feature you can also use it with Slate. Move the Apple Pencil over the iPad surface and then tap the stylus to click.

With older iPad models, you can also use a simulated hover gesture. Lightly drag the Apple Pencil across the screen with an adjustable pressure level. Tap the Apple Pencil to the screen to click.

Like traditional tablets, the app also supports screen mapping. With that, the entire screen of your piped scales to map the complete Mac display. You can adjust it if needed.

Astropad Slate is an iPad only download on the App Store now. It’s a one-time purchase of $19.99. There are no subscriptions or in-app purchases.

You will need to also download the companion Mac app. After Then you can connect the Mac and iPad using Wi-Fi, a USB cable, or peer-to-peer networking. A USB cable is the fastest and lowest latency option.

The iPad needs to be using at least iPadOS 15 while the Mac needs macOS 11 or later.

Just to note, the app is different than Astropad Studio. While Studio mirrors your Mac on the iPad screen, Slate provides a no-screen table for a Mac.

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