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The 1987 Arcade Classic Operation Wolf Is Back In VR

Welcome back, soldier.

Available now on VR headsets, Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission VR is an immersive VR remake of the classic 1987 arcade game, Operation Wolf. For those too young to remember, this fast-paced action rail shooter was largely responsible for popularizing the military-themed first-person light gun genre.

A “reinterpretation” of the original classic, Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission VR brings that same level of ridiculous, white-knuckle action to VR headsets. Much like Operation Wolf, this colorful VR shooter tasks you with battling hordes of enemies using an arsenal of powerful weaponry, from uzis and shotguns to grenade launchers, assault rifles, and more.

“A few months ago, a new criminal organization made its appearance. In addition to trafficking arms and drugs, it has developed a new, superpowerful weapon,” says the official game description. “After discovering several of the bases of the organization, led by the mysterious General Viper, two agents are dispatched to learn more about this weapon and free the hostages held in the surrounding camps.”

Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission VR boasts a new artistic style designed specifically for VR as well as a slew of additional features, including parody voice acting. In addition to a solo campaign featuring six unique levels filled with various boss fights, you can also go toe-to-toe with seemingly endless waves of enemies in Survival mode.

Credit: Microids

In a sea of on-rails VR shooter games, Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission VR manages to set itself apart from the pack thanks to its combination of satisfying arcade gameplay, colorful visuals, and nostalgia-inducing cutscenes. If you’re a fan of arcade games like Time Crisis, or even more recent VR games like Crisis Brigade 2: Reloaded, Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission VR is likely to put a smile on your face.

Operation Wolf Returns: First Mission VR is available now on Meta Quest, PC VR, Pico 4, and PlayStation VR headsets for $24.99 and coming soon to PC and consoles. For more information visit here.

*DISCLAIMER: VRScout was provided with a review code for Meta Quest for the purpose of this coverage.*

Feature Image Credit: Microids

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