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Snap Launches Sponsored AR Filters as New Ad Option

Snapchat’s launching filters as an ad option, with brands now able to sponsor AR filters in the app, which users can then add to their posts.

Sponsored AR Filters

As you can see in these examples, Snap’s sponsored filters (not Lenses, to be clear), enable businesses to create branded overlays for images, which can include links back to their promotion.

The appeal of this is that it’ll take less effort to enact a sponsored filter, as opposed to a full AR experience, with brands able to upload existing assets and create Filters from a variety of existing Snap templates.

As per Snap:

“With no outside production costs needed, advertisers can effortlessly create Sponsored AR Filters in under 10 minutes using Lens Web Builder, a free DIY tool for Filter and Lens creation. This allows budget-conscious brands to participate without the expense of traditional production and storyboarding.”

Lens Web Builder includes a range of templates for face filters, location-based overlays, countdown timers, quiz generators, and more, which provides plenty of opportunity to come up with simple, engaging overlays for your campaign.

Though they probably don’t see the same level of use as AR filters, which are available via the Lens carousel in the main camera. Filters are displayed after content capture, which makes them a less interactive experience, but it’s still another way to boost exposure in the app, and connect with Snap users in a more engaging way.

Snap says that brands can drive awareness via filters with in-stream CTAs, while the filters can also act as a complement to Lenses, applied after capture.

There’s a range of ways that they could be used, and it could be another consideration for your Snap campaigns, as you look to maximize reach and engagement in the app.

You can learn more about Sponsored Filters here.

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