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SEAL Team Season 7 Casting Shocker Hints at Big Changes for Bravo Team

Bravo Team, as we know it, is probably over.

That much we’ve been pondering since SEAL Team Season 6 wrapped up this year with Jason opening up about his afflictions.

With many other SEALs coming to his side, it gave the sense that the show was traveling in a very different direction.

With SEAL Team Season 7 officially serving as the last-ever hurrah for the series, there have been many questions about where the show could go next.

Now, months away from the season premiere, we’re getting an idea… and it sounds pretty darn interesting.

Deadline reported this week that Beau Knapp (The Lost Symbol) has been handed the series regular role of Drew Franklin.

Yes, the series is adding a new series regular with just 10 episodes to wrap up the story of every other returning character.

SEAL Team Season 7: Everything We Know

Franklin is “a Chief Petty Officer with a checkered history at Command whose placement on Bravo Team is a sign of their problem-child status in the eyes of the DEVGRU powers that be,” Deadline teases.

“A smooth talker who exploits every angle to his own advantage, Drew revels in the mystery and rumors that surround him.”

Truthfully, Drew sounds like an interesting enough character, but with so few episodes remaining, it’s hard to tell whether his being a series regular will lead to much good for the show.

We already got a new team member on SEAL Team Season 6 in the form of Raffi Barsoumian as Senior Chief Special Warfare Operator Omar Hamza.

SEAL Team Season 6 wasn’t the show’s best season, but Omar was an interesting adversary because he wanted to make his mark on the team.

Slowly but surely, he broke through the walls of a team that wasn’t too fond of him, and by the season’s end, he was a pivotal player.

Going into SEAL Team Season 7, there was always a question about whether the Bravo Team would even be intact.

Jason’s admission on SEAL Team Season 6 Episode 10 left him and his team members in a precarious position.

SEAL Team is Ending a Season Too Late

Knowing that Drew is being added to the team to fix what the people in command perceive to be broken highlights the importance of the Bravo Team.

These heroes have been counted out far too often, and now, it seems like they will be nurtured into something more significant.

Everyone’s lives were rocked when Clay Spenser was brutally gunned down, sending the narrative in a very different direction.

Knowing the team will still be there during the final season is intriguing, but there will be some big changes.

Neil Brown Jr.’s Ray Perry was vocal about retiring from the team as he focused on his veterans center.

But now that everything is out in the open, could he be enticed to return to the team?

There’s no telling whether Jason will even be on the team or if he’ll have been shunned to desk duty.

Then there’s A.J. Buckley’s Sonny, who broke the law as he tried to process Clay’s death.

FBI Most Wanted: 4 Ways Shantel VanSanten’s Nina Case Can Help

Will that come back to haunt him, or is there a way for him to evade punishment?

There are many things in the air right now, but we know that SEAL Team is coming to an end.

If I had it my way, the series would have ended with a Season 6 that ended on a happier note, including sending Clay off into the sunset with Stella.

It’s hard not to feel like bringing the series back will lead to more heartache for the characters and arcs we’ve watched for years.

From its four seasons on the CBS Network to its three-season run here at Paramount+, SEAL TEAM has built an incredible legacy that celebrates and honors the brave men and women who serve in the armed forces,” said Jeff Grossman, Executive Vice President, Content & Business Operations, Paramount Streaming when the series’ demise was revealed.

“Our thanks to David Boreanaz and the entire cast and crew for bringing this phenomenal and thought-provoking series to life.

“We look forward to celebrating their work and giving Team Bravo fans a fantastic final season.”

“When we first heard the pitch for SEAL TEAM almost seven years ago, I was struck by the producers’ genuine passion to tell authentic stories that honored and celebrated the sacrifice of veterans and all those who serve our country,” said David Stapf, President, CBS Studios.

“Since that first meeting, they have not wavered in that mission. The characters, storylines and cast performances have continued to be both nuanced and powerful.

“Thank you to David, Spencer, Chris, Mark and the entire cast and crew for their partnership, creative vision, and dedication. We are looking forward to an exciting and satisfying seventh and final season.”

Blue Bloods’ Cancellation is a Stark Reminder of the Constrained Economics of Broadcast TV

“It has been a privilege to tell stories over seven seasons that honor the bravery and heroism of all who serve our country,” said executive producers Spencer Hudnut and Christopher Chulack.

“We are deeply grateful to our amazing group of actors, writers, directors and talented crew, especially the hundreds of veterans who have worked on this show.

“We’d like to thank CBS Studios, Paramount + and CBS for their partnership and support over the years, and we offer heartfelt gratitude to the fans who joined Bravo Team week after week and season after season.

“While we wish we could continue to shine a spotlight on areas where we can do better for our service members even after season seven comes to an end, it is our hope that the collective SEAL TEAM community will stay in the fight when it comes to protecting our protectors.”

“For six seasons I have been fortunate and blessed to be a part of an outstanding cast and crew,” said series star and executive producer David Boreanaz.

“Every day spent was a note of thanks to our men and women in the military and Special OPS.

“I thank our fans, and I’m proud we were able to make this show to shine light in the darkness toward so many suffering today.”I look forward to season seven and the opportunity to end this series with love and gratitude.”

What are your thoughts on the casting news?

Hit the comments.

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