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Ride A Virtual Motorcycle In BMW’s New VR Metaverse

Cruise the metaverse in style.

This past weekend, BMW unveiled BMW Motorrad MetaRide, a virtual world dedicated to the auto manufacturer’s new motorcycle, the BMW CE 02. Accessible via the VR social platform Spatial, this digital brand space promises a variety of activities designed to immerse users in the world of BMW Motorrad, the company’s official motorcycle brand.

Upon creating an avatar and joining the world, you can “ride” a virtual recreation of the BMW CE 02 through a realistic environment designed to mirror the real world. In addition to these “virtual test rides,” you can also shoot hoops and collect virtual tokens. There’s even a custom jacket you can unlock for your avatar.

“The new BMW CE 02 represents a new way of accessing the world of BMW Motorrad, because it is electric, appeals in particular to young people and is neither an e-motorcycle nor an e-scooter – it is an eParkourer,” said BMW in an official release.

“In keeping with this new, forward-looking type of mobility for urban environments, BMW Motorrad is now offering the opportunity to experience the new CE 02 up close in the BMW Motorrad MetaRide.”

Credit: BMW

You can visit the BMW Motorrad MetaRide metaverse now via Spatial, available for free on Meta Quest 2 and Quest Pro VR headsets. According to BMW, MetaRide will eventually grow to include various other products.

For more information check out BMW’s official announcement here.

Feature Image Credit: BMW

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