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Our Beauty Uniforms: The 10 Most Recommended Products

For the past decade, we’ve run our beauty uniform series, where women we love — including comedians, restaurateurs, poets, and Joanna’s aunt Lulu — share their best finds and bedtime routines. We’ve discovered foundations, lipsticks and hair tools that we now swear by, too. Today, we’re revealing the 10 most recommended products of all time…

Photo of Gemma Burgess by Frankie Marin

Most recommended cleanser: Cetaphil

Why people love it: “I have sensitive skin, but Cetaphil has never failed me,” says associate editor Jannelle Sanchez. “It makes my skin feel clean but not tight or stripped.” Adds Michelle Zauner, lead singer of Japanese Breakfast: “My writer friend Jason Kim, a Korean man with incredible skin, sent me to his dermatologist, and now I cleanse with Cetaphil.” And screenwriter Gemma Burgess uses it every night before bed.


Photo of LaTonya Yvette

Most recommended toner: Witch hazel

Why people love it: “Every night, I wipe my makeup off with a few dabs,” says stylist and author LaTonya Yvette. “Plus, it’s good for inflammation and marks.” Activist Candace Reels uses the toner to even out her combination skin. Another fan? French textile designer Audrey Ducas: “It feels fresh and makes my skin feel much smoother.”

klancy miller

Photo of Klancy Miller

Most recommended foundation: Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer

Why people love it: “I love how the tinted moisturizer evens everything out, but still looks like my skin, not like makeup,” says photographer Alpha Smoot. Pastry chef Klancy Miller has used it for years. And Joanna’s mom Jean explains: “It doesn’t sit on the surface of my face; it looks natural and neutralizes any pink tones.”

Alison roman

Photo of Alison Roman by Alice Zoo

Most recommended sunscreen: Supergoop! Unseen

Why people love it: “It doesn’t feel greasy at all and even minimizes my pores,” says cookbook author Alison Roman. Beauty editor Chloe Hall loves that the formula appears clear on darker skin tones: “It’s silky and invisible, so I never have to worry about a white cast.” And style expert Stacy London says it’s a game changer for women starting menopause: “It’s the only sunblock that doesn’t make me feel like I’m going to sweat to death underneath it.”

My Beauty Uniform: Sana Javeri Kadri

Photo of Sana Javeri Kadri by Milena Mallory

Most recommended blush: Glossier Cloud Paint

Why people love it: “Glossier’s Cloud Paint is the only blush I’ve ever been able to apply without looking like Marie Antoinette,” says Cup of Jo contributer Kelsey Miller. “The key is to start with way less than you think — like 1/16 of a pea. Then swipe and dab until you’ve got the level of color you want.” Adds spice company founder Sana Javeri Kadri: “When want to look cute, I add Glossier’s Cloud Paint in Beam.” And New Yorker cartoonist Liz Montague says she “lives for” Cloud Paint for those times when you’re rushing out the door but want to feel put together.

Julie o'rourke maine

Photo of Julie O’Rourke

Most recommended brow product: Glossier Boy Brow

Why people love it: “Honestly, Boy Brow changed my life,” cookbook author Alison Roman claims. “Enhancing your eyebrows does so much for a person’s face…Boy Brow shapes and darkens your brows in the best way.” Photographer Nicki Sebastian uses the eyebrow gel every morning: “I swear it adds brows to my brows.” And Boy Brow is an essential part of Chloe Hall’s “foolproof nude-based look” for fancy events: “I do the same routine for my mom — it just works for our faces.”

dulci edge

Photo of Dulci Edge

Most recommended mascara: Diorshow

Why people love it: “Dior mascara is my eyelash game,” laughs Race Matters contributor Christine Pride. “I’ve tried so many different mascaras, but this is the best.” Nurse Clare Lyons tried dozens of mascaras and “found that this one accentuates my lashes the most.” And if you want mascara with a little edge, writer Abbey Nova recommends Diorshow in blue: “The electric blue of this one makes me feel fashionable every time.”

Photo of Chloe Hall

Most recommended lipstick: MAC Ruby Woo

Why people love it: “It’s the OG and best red of all time,” says Chloe Hall. Also, “when I was pregnant, I started wearing lipstick every day,” says Cup of Jo founder Joanna Goddard. “For bright red, I love Mac Ruby Woo.” And transgender advocate Clair Farley always swipes on the punchy lipstick when she wants to glam up for special occasions, “I love a red lip; and mine is the cult-favorite Ruby Woo.”

Photo of Reagan Baker

Most recommended shampoo: Living Proof Full Shampoo and Dry Shampoo.

“I have 200 reasons why dry shampoo is the love of my life,” says hair stylist Reagan Baker, and Living Proof is her go-to. Says CoJ founder Joanna Goddard: “When I’m traveling, my hair can get limp, especially after a long flight. Living Proof Full Shampoo adds bounce (I started using it a few months ago, and it makes a real difference) — so now I take it on trips and don’t worry about the little bottles at the hotel.” Lastly, doctor and illustrator Grace Farris has been growing out her hair since moving to Austin. “Long hair is the style here,” she says. “I use Living Proof.”

Caroline Donofrio

Photo of Caroline Donofrio by Belathée

Most recommended hair tool: Revlon Hot Air Brush

Why people love it: “I always use my magic hot air brush,” explains Caroline Donofrio. “You can create a sleek look or soft, bouncy waves.” Grace Farris was convinced: “I bought it after Caroline’s post, and my hair looks sleek for days. It was one of my favorite CoJ purchases.” And author Virginia Sole-Smith is a believer, too: “I almost splurged on one of those fancy $300 ones, but when I talked to stylists they were all like, ‘No need. Hot air is hot air.’ And they’re right!”

What beauty finds do you swear by? Please share below!

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(Photo layout by Jannelle Sanchez. Grid from top to bottom, left to right: Samantha Irby photo by Eva Blue, Stacy London photo courtesy of Stacy London, Emma Straub photo by Frank Sun, Angelica Rogers photo by Nicki Sebastian, and Gemma Burgess photo by Daphne Borowski.)

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