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Open World Survival Game LumiTerra Announces Beta 2 Launch

LumiTerra, a multiplayer open-world survival crafting game, is gearing up to launch its Beta 2 phase on April 9.

This will introduce a variety of enhancements and gameplay tweaks to the title, which sees players battle monsters, farm with their friends and collect creatures as they explore a vast open-world environment.

New features included in Beta 2 include monster teammates, homeland PvP, inventory tweaks and much more.

What is LumiTerra?

LumiTerra sets players on a journey across a vast, ever-changing world.

Blending 2D characters with 3D environments, LumiTerra gives players a variety of experiences to enjoy, from battling monsters and cultivating farms to collecting creatures and embarking on quests – all of which can be done with your friends.

The game utilises the L3 Arbitrum Orbit network, with every item in-game being an NFT that players can own, use and trade – plus use to participate in in-game lotteries to earn rewards.

What can players expect from Beta 2?

Beta 2 introduces several new features and makes a variety of gameplay adjustments to enhance the player experience.

One notable addition is the introduction of monster teammates, allowing players to capture and train creatures to assist them in various activities. Beta 2 will also introduce homeland PvP, where players can engage in player-versus-player combat in designated areas.

Tweaks to the energy system will allow players to obtain resources more efficiently, and allow for smoother energy consumption.

Beta 2 also expands in the game world, introducing new areas and challenges such as the Room Riddle Rumble, which gives players new areas to explore and rewards to gain.

Source: OKX NFT Marketplace

How to get an invite to play Beta 2?

Beta 2 is invite-only, with multiple ways to obtain an invite.

LumiTerra ambassadors, influencers, and official Discord channels will be distributing invite codes. Wannabe players can also participate in the LumiTerra ecosystem by holding at least two shares of a valid tribe.

Popular centralised exchange and NFT marketplace OKX is also running a giveaway for 400 LumiTerra Beta Test Access Codes and 10 Mystery Boxes.

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