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Leveraging In-House Marketing To Increase Employee Buy-In

How To Build A Robust In-House Marketing Team

Anyone in charge of a business knows the importance of marketing and advertising their products and services to attract a larger audience. Carrying out your marketing strategy can be accomplished in one of three ways: with the company’s internal marketing team, with the help of a third-party ad agency, or with the collaboration of your team and the external partner. In this article, we focus on how you can assemble an in-house marketing team, as well as some pros and cons to keep in mind.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of In-House Marketing?

The biggest advantage of taking on your marketing strategy is the fact that you don’t have to worry about a potentially inexperienced agency not capturing the essence of your brand. Who knows your product, style, culture, and goals better than your own employees? Due to their genuine interest in supporting the business the best way they can, an in-house marketing team will work with dedication and determination until the objective is achieved. In addition, encouraging your team to work together towards a common goal will help strengthen relationships among colleagues and foster a collaborative environment.

However, it’s not all positive when it comes to in-house marketing. The reason why many businesses trust their marketing efforts to an external partner is that they may lack the skills to do it internally. If this is the case for your company, offering your employees marketing training could cost much more than outsourcing. In addition, constantly dealing with promoting a specific product can get painfully repetitive for your team. This will cause them to eventually lose steam and run out of innovative ideas. Finally, if your internal marketing team isn’t performing well, the process of restructuring will be very long and costly.

5 Steps To Assemble A Marketing Dream Team

1. Plan Ahead

Most companies will initiate their marketing efforts with the help of an external ad agency. Therefore, if you’re thinking of assembling an in-house marketing team, it’s possible that transitioning from outsourcing is the first item on your list of priorities. However, this is often where companies make the first misstep. It’s often best to only take on internal marketing tasks that are more cost-effective to handle on your own and/or that your outsourcing partner doesn’t provide. Figure out how the workload needs to be split and delegated. This way, you can be certain that the quality of your marketing strategy will remain steady.

2. Hire The Best

But who is going to make up your in-house marketing team? Making smart hiring decisions is essential to the success of your marketing strategy. Apart from experience and skills in marketing, which are non-negotiable, there are other things you need to look for in your candidates. A few examples would be an understanding of different audiences, experience in many markets and platforms, as well as specialization in various marketing aspects. After you have the best candidates to assemble a dream team, foster their creativity by keeping them exclusive. Namely, let them focus solely on maximizing your company’s marketing ROI and not other irrelevant tasks.

3. Make Time For Training

Even if you hire a group of talented individuals for your marketing team, that doesn’t mean you can skip training. In fact, keeping up with a consistent training schedule is necessary to stay up to date with industry trends and ahead of the competition. Marketing training can take quite some time, as there is a lot to cover, from target markets and desired KPIs to SEO and revenue growth. Therefore, make sure to devote enough time so that your team can hone their skills and bring efficiency and innovation to your company.

4. Assign Specialized Roles

There are many aspects to any brand’s marketing strategy, which is why you need to be clear about the roles and responsibilities each team member has. The best approach is to break up your in-house marketing team into smaller groups, thus prompting them to focus on one thing instead of juggling multiple tasks. Possible categorizations can be content marketing, digital marketing, social media marketing, offline marketing, etc. Separating your team into these subgroups helps everyone know what is expected of them and maximize their productivity in that specific task. To ensure maximum creativity and innovation, you can swap subgroup members or encourage collaboration at times.

5. Remember To Stay Flexible

When setting up your in-house marketing department, you need to maintain an agile mentality. The fact that you have an internal marketing team doesn’t automatically mean that you can or should take on every marketing project yourself. There might still be a certain task or campaign that can be executed better by an external ad agency that has more experience in it. Recognizing that outsourcing partners still have a lot to offer, you will guarantee that your internal team will always keep growing and learning from the experts. Thus, your marketing efforts will never fall short.


In this article, we explored the steps a business can take to assemble an in-house marketing team of capable professionals that will deliver outstanding results and bring innovation and growth to your organization. However, tackling all marketing and advertising efforts within your company can be a daunting task. Though there are many benefits it can bring if you do it successfully, there is an argument to be made for outsourcing at least some of your core marketing initiatives.

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