Home Metaverse Join Us for a Week of Events in Sinespace, October 2nd to 8th, 2023! – Ryan Schultz

Join Us for a Week of Events in Sinespace, October 2nd to 8th, 2023! – Ryan Schultz

The Storyteller festival kicks off with Hakawati is the Storyteller on Monday, October 2nd

Mimi Marie, the tireless event organizer in the virtual world of Sinespace, pinged me to tell me about an exciting week of events taking place this coming week, from October 2nd to 8th, 2023. Here are the details from the official Sinespace blog:

Magic, Stories & Music. Carpet Rides & Genies. October 2nd – 8th

Stories: timeless knowledge-sharing tools from the caveman’s “How to Survive 101” to today’s “Culture for Dummies.” They kept early humans alive, shared values, and even sparked campfire karaoke. Today, they’re our wisdom-filled time capsules connecting past and present, shaping our history and our future. Have you talked to a friend today and told them something you did yesterday that amused you? Congratulations – that is the way we use storytelling every single day of our lives regardless of language, culture and location – we all do it – we all story-tell in our own way. 

So, if you ever doubted the power of storytelling, remember: it’s the original social network! October 2nd to 8th will be storytelling week and you are invited to join community events that celebrate authors, books, movies, or game stories.  You may even be invited to participate in story creation or share your own story if you feel inspired.

All times are in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time, also known as Greenwich Mean Time, or the time in London, England); use this converter to convert UTC times to Pacific Standard Time/PST, and this converter to convert UTC times to EST. The special story events are marked *STORY EVENT* below.

Monday, October 2nd, 2023

4 – 6pm – Ziggies with Jay and Les

10:30pm – 1am – Night Stories at Hakawati *STORY EVENT* Magic & Stories. Tunes With DJ Unruly Blues. Carpet Rides & Genies. Random Gifts. Join us at Hakawati, where magic and captivating tales await. DJ Unruly Blues will play his enchanting tunes, while the evening promises carpet rides, genies, and delightful surprises for all.

Tuesday, October 3rd, 2023

10pm – Midnight  – The Sounds of Story With Ghaelen *STORY EVENT* Music, Dance, Chat and a Story Circle – Join us for “The Sounds of Story With Ghaelen,” a captivating blend of music, dance, chat, and a heartwarming story circle. Ghaelen’s music sets the stage for an enchanting event, and in the story circle, people from all walks of life share tales, personal narratives, and folklore, creating a vibrant tapestry of human experiences. Don’t miss this unique opportunity to be swept away by melodies and stories, celebrating the magic of connection and storytelling.

Midnight – 1am – Unruly Blues at Ice

Wednesday, October 4th, 2023

2 – 4pm – Buzzz at the Beautiful Region *STORY EVENT* “Island? Fun? Stories? We’ve got plenty!” – immerse yourself in Buzzz at the Beautiful Region, where island fun meets storytelling. Get ready for a dose of random gold and an abundance of captivating tales.

4 – 5pm  – Community Hour at localhost

10.30 – Midnight – Movie Night with Spi at Spirals Fractal region

Thursday, October 5th, 2023

10pm – Midnight UTC – Bingo, Stories & Arabian Nights Trivia at Hakawati. At Hakawati, join us for an entertaining evening of Bingo, stories, and Arabian Nights trivia from 10 PM to midnight UTC. Win exciting gold and silver prizes while enjoying the company of friends and the delightful tunes spun by DJ Mizz, who will also be playing Timeless Tales. 

Midnight – 2am – Unruly Blues at the WC

Friday, October 6th, 2023

9 – 10pm – Embark on a captivating journey to “Treasure Island” narrated by the renowned real-life storyteller, Andy Jennings. *STORY EVENT* His enchanting storytelling prowess will transport you to the heart of adventure and intrigue. Don’t miss this opportunity to be spellbound by Andy’s storytelling magic. Discover more about him at https://www.andythestoryteller.com.

10pm – Midnight – Ziggies 

Midnight – 2am – Ambient Lounge Bingo

Saturday, October 7th, 2023

2 – 4am UTC – Hoedown with snowtracks.

10pm – Midnight UTC – 381 Club with Kat

Midnight – 2am UTC – Ziggies

Sunday, October 8th, 2023

10pm – Midnight UTC – 381 Club with Kat

Midnight – 1am UTC – Les in the WC

Monday 1 – 3 a.m. UTC – UnoSi & Arabian Nights Trivia at Hakawati *STORY EVENT* Join us at Hakawati for UnoSi and Arabian Nights Trivia. Win dazzling gold and silver prizes, enjoy a great time with your friends, and groove to DJ Mizz’s tunes.

Mimi tells me, “the event hosts are Ghaelen D’Lareh, Mizz and Mimi. Also a brand new feature. A magic carpet ride!”

She adds, “Sinespace is on a roll! if you ever get a free moment log into Sinespace and visit the region called Fireside Chat. Josh and others have created reactors [interactive elements] that are so cool!”

I am planning to attend as many of the Storytelling week events as possible, unless I have schedule conflicts with my full-time paying job as an academic librarian. Hope to see you there! For more information on Sinespace and to download a client, please visit their website.

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