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Illuvium’s ‘Mint 1 NFT Get 1 Free’ Third Anniversary Celebration

The celebrated AAA blockchain game Illuvium — tightly integrated with ImmutableX — is marking its third anniversary and the success of its most recent game, “Illuvium: Beyond”, with a generous “Mint 1, Get 1 Free” NFT offer.

Enticing NFT enthusiasts and collectors alike, each “D1SK” NFT possesses one Illuvitar, three accessories, and one Tier 0 Illuvitar, available until January 15.

Additonally, the celebration, dubbed “Illuvitars Wave 2, Extended Run”, will feature 25 new Illuvitars and 75 accessories. 

Acquiring a Free Illuvium NFT and Rewards

Participants engaging in Illuvium games can obtain a D1SK NFT via lluvium’s built-in decentralized exchange, “Illuvidex”, where gamers typically go to buy and exchange Illuvial assets.

As an extra act of goodwill, participants can unlock exclusive rewards by achieving various milestones during gameplay, now accessible on the Epic Games Store. Such prizes range from merch store discounts to rare skins, emotes, and even a hand-signed special edition “Squizz D1SKPLATE”.

Notably, Illuvidex’s “Launch Party Dashboard” enables real-time tracking of discoveries, featuring a Holo counter for rare Illuvitars and a power tracker for the most potent Illuvitar — a must-visit page for dedicated players wanting to hunt down significant perks.

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