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If you’re expecting, the rabbit hole of car seat and stroller research will lead you, inevitably,  to UPPAbaby. UPPAbaby is the sought-after, high-quality, functional and stylish line of baby gear that will have you saying, “Oh that’s perfect!” followed by “Oh that’s kind of expensive.”

UPPAbaby was born in 2006, founded by parents who found most strollers and car seats on the market to be cheaply made or overly complicated. Their products are the exact opposite, with strollers that handle like a dream (and look good) and car seats with all the safety bells and whistles. Just expect high price tags: strollers start at $300 and range up to $1,349, for example.

Read on for how to (possibly) score UPPAbaby on sale.

Why is UPPAbaby so Expensive?

UPPAbaby’s high-end price points boil down to two factors: functionality and attractiveness. The products work well, last a long time and look good while doing it. 

Go on any site that sells UPPAbaby, and you’ll see glowing reviews touting the smoothness of the strollers (even on uneven urban streets), the ease of installing the car seats, how surprisingly lightweight the products are and how the whole brand seems to anticipate the complexities of parenthood and smooth them over. 

The Mesa car seats, for example, work with the Vista and Cruz lines of strollers. 

UPPAbaby mesa max car seat in black

And the Vista stroller can accommodate a bassinet, a car seat and even expansions that let you transport up to THREE CHILDREN, not to mention the copious under-seat storage for groceries. 

Vista stroller in gray with bassinet alongside

The fabrics used on UPPAbaby’s products are hypoallergenic, easily cleaned and Greenguard Gold certified (meaning they are eco friendly). 

The brand also offers generous warranty coverage and great customer service. And its products are designed to last – meaning they’ll survive a few kids.

This is all to say that UPPAbaby sports high price tags because of its high quality and smart design. But there’s a popularity factor, too – UPPAbaby products are stylish and have become a big flex for parents. Reese Witherspoon used the Vista stroller, after all! Sales have been on a steep upward trajectory since the still relatively-new brand was launched. So parents are clearly willing to pay to enter the UPPA product ecosystem.

Does UPPAbaby Ever Go On Sale?

Rarely. Very very rarely. UPPA’s site does not even have a sale section. Retailers that sell UPPA (including Amazon, Bloomingdale’s, Albee Baby, Pottery Barn Kids and Nordstrom) rarely mark the product down.

Read on for when and where UPPAbaby products tend to go on sale. But suffice it to say that the brand’s soaring popularity means that it doesn’t exactly have to drop its prices. 

Can You Use Coupons on UPPAbaby Products?

Practically never. We know what you’re thinking: “I’ll get an email sign-up discount at a retailer that sells UPPAbaby products.” As deal scavengers, we understand the impulse. But know this: UPPA products are usually excluded from those offers. 

For example, the Bloomingdale’s 15% email sign-up discount does not apply to any strollers or baby gear whatsoever. Here’s the list of exclusions on that offer:

fine print on bloominbdales 15% email signup discount

The buybuy BABY 20% off coupon also used to exclude UPPA products, but that’s a moot point anyway, as the retailer is going out of business.

5 Ways to (Try to) Get UPPAbaby On Sale

Don’t lose hope, deal hunters. Here are your best shots at scoring UPPAbaby products on sale. 

1. Use A Registry Completion Discount

logo of tag that reads "15% registry discount"

Baby registry completion discounts let you put items on your registry and then get a discount if nobody buys them for you and you then buy them yourself. These discounts range from 10% to 20% off, and THAT is a tidy discount on a $400 car seat and $1,000 stroller. 

However: not all registry completion discounts can be used on UPPAbaby products. Just like the coupons above, registry completion discounts have fine print. And some of that fine print excludes UPPA:

For example, the Pottery Barn Kids 15% registry completion discount EXCLUDES UPPA.

But you’re in luck because the following registry completion discounts are allowed to be used on UPPAbaby products:

  • buybuy BABY: The 15% registry completion discount is usable for “anything left on your registry.” 
  • Amazon: The 15% registry completion discount has no brand exclusions. AND we found some reviews on UPPA products from new parents who successfully used the completion discount toward those UPPA products. Keep in mind, though, that Amazon has very specific rules about claiming the completion discount. 

2. Look for a Discounted Color

Sometimes, individual colors get marked down on Amazon. Go here and see the different prices of different colors. We’ve seen some colors of the Vista V2 stroller go as low as $899.99 recently which, yes, is a bargain.

All of UPPAbaby’s colorways are tasteful and understated, so you can afford to be flexible in this regard.

3. Keep an Eye on the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale

banner advertising the nordstrom anniversary sale

The Vista V2 was marked down to $749.99 during the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale in 2023. UPPA products usually sell fast, and this year’s sale was no exception — it sold out before the end of the sale.

4. Shop During Black Friday Week

Everything goes on sale during Black Friday, even (sometimes) UPPAbaby products. Last year, we saw a 20% price drop on the Vista stroller at Albee Baby during Black Friday week.  For 2023, both UPPAbaby itself and Albeebaby are promising 20% off select colors of UPPAbaby products, including Vista stroller.

5. Get a Cash Back Offer

RetailMeNot offers cash back at many retailers, including those that sell UPPAproducts. You get a percentage back of what you spend, and you can redeem that cash back via Venmo or PayPal. Our offers range from 1% all the way to 20% back. We recommend shopping on Cash Back Day in the fall, when we have boosted offers.

What’s great about our cash back offers is that they generally have less red tape than retailer coupons. We do limit you to $50 cash back in some cases, but that’s still a nice kickback and as good of a deal as you’re likely going to get, given how rarely UPPAbaby products go on sale.

The following retailers sell UPPAbaby products and sometimes have cash back offers. Check out their latest offers below, click through and EARN:

6. Check Albeebaby (Especially During the Albeebaby Semi-Annual Sale)

Image: (during Semi-Annual Sale)

Albeebaby occasionally offers discounts on UPPAbaby products, and we saw the Gwen color of the Vista V2 stroller on sale for 25% off during its most recent Semi-Annual sale — which ran in mid-July.

7. Check UPPAbaby’s Site for Rare Seasonal Sales

screenshot of uppababy winter sale banner, advertising several strollers and car seats that are on sale

UPPAbaby rarely offers sales, but that doesn’t mean never. In early 2024, for example, we saw it offer up to 35% off the Mesa Max and other products during the Winter Send-Off sale. And these discounts extended to other retailers that sell UPPA, including Amazon and buybuyBABY. If you don’t need a product immediately, wait a bit and see if a sale comes around.

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