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Have a Relaxing Weekend. | Cup of Jo

Nicki Sebastian flowers

Nicki Sebastian flowers

What are your plans this weekend? Tonight I’m seeing my long-lost love Gemma! She’s been working in England for ages, so I’m happy to have her back in my clutches. Hope you have a good one — did anyone nab tickets to Barbie? — and here are a few links from around the web…

Found! The best T-shirt.

I had this salad at a restaurant last night and it was very delicious.

488 golden retrievers in Scotland, squeeee. (NYTimes gift link)

What cool red bookshelves in London.

Love these pretty sandals for dinner dates, weddings, etc. (Also, get 30% off with code CARINA30.)

Maybe we all just need to go to the seaside.

Also made me lol.

Looking forward to watching this French movie.

We need to see more parents having abortions in film and television. “The majority of people who have abortions are already parenting, but on television and film, it’s nearly always someone young, white, and wealthy who is trying to avoid parenting. But that’s a very small minority of people who have abortions. This fails those of us who have abortions because it doesn’t allow for audiences to stretch their imaginations, empathize with our fictionalized experiences, and learn something outside of the same stereotypical narrative.” (Marie Claire)

We can’t send email more than 500 miles.”

Beautiful ceramics.

Oooh, there’s a new Rao’s pasta sauce I really want to try.

Plus, three reader comments:

Says Romi on how did you learn about sex growing up: “I learned about sex very, very early because I was a kid with QUESTIONS. When I was three, I would not stop asking my mom until I got the full truth. I figured this sex thing must be pretty great if every person alive came from it, so I started asking other kids if they knew their parents had had sex. I told all my friends at preschool and my mom got calls. I don’t know when I finally chilled the f out, but it was THE topic of conversation for me for years.”

Says Lisa on how did you learn about sex growing up: “This Dutch website (in English) is SO informative, and I highly recommend it as a sex-ed tool once you’ve covered the basics. It’s matter of fact and respectful. I showed it to my daughter when she was in middle school, and we have it bookmarked on her laptop.”

Says Tracy on how do you bond with your family: “On my grandmother’s birthday, I would call her and ask her about a year of her life. ‘Nanna, what was 13 like?’ I have such rich and amazing stories now that the rest of my family can’t believe because it didn’t occur to them to ask. Thirteen, by the way; the air raid sirens went off and the whole school was bussed to the middle of nowhere. Their bikes were transported, too, and at 3 p.m. their teachers excused the class and they all had to cycle 30km through sandy scrub to get home. Only, Nanna drew the short straw and also had to dinky ‘spoilt brat Barbara West’ on her handlebars because she gets ‘chauffeured to school by her father IN A CAR.’”

(Photo by Nicki Sebastian/Instagram.)

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