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Contemporary Circus in NYC: New Audiences and Global Connections

US audiences have been slow to awake to circus’s recent (r)evolution. Gone are the tired old stunts, ethically questionable human displays, clown cars, and elephants. Thrillingly diverse, poetic, personal, contemporary artistic expressions by diverse global artists now flourish in public plazas, theatres, and tents across the world. Meet NYC area presenters, producers, and curators whose diligent research and bold programming choices have enabled audiences to experience some of the most unusual post-pandemic live performances on NYC area stages. Learn about recent North American premieres of contemporary circus works from Guinea, France, and Cambodia; upcoming projects; and innovative collaborative efforts to support new creation in the discipline.

Speakers include:

Lindsey Buller Maliekel (New Victory Theater)

Xavier Gobin (Phare Circus)

Lori Jones (The Quick Center for the Performing Arts )

Elena Siyanko (PS21/Center for Contemporary Performance)

Jedediah Wheeler (Commissioner, In the Fire)

Ruth Juliet Wikler (International Market for Contemporary Circus, Montreal/Clark College, WA) 

Curated by: Ruth Juliet Wikler in collaboration with Frank Hentschker.  

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