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Celebrate The Women’s World Cup With New Snapchat AR Lenses

Get up close and personal with every women’s national team in the new Global Fan Selfie Experience.

The FIFA Women’s World Cup is here and fans are revved up and ready to root for their favorite teams. To commemorate the occasion celebrated by sports fans all around the world, Snapchat is introducing brand new ways for you to immerse yourself in the excitement via a handful of new augmented reality (AR) experiences.

The partnership offers fans a variety of new immersive experiences and creative tools created by female artists and developers for what many would argue is the greatest game in the world.

“Through immersive content coverage, creator collaborations, and new, innovative AR experiences, Snapchatters will have an unparalleled opportunity to express their football fandom like never before,” said Emma Wakely, Sports Partnerships, Snap Inc.

FIFA has reported that they’ve sold well over one million tickets for the 2023 Women’s World Cup, meaning this year will surpass the 2019 World Cup ticket sales as the most attended standalone women’s sporting event. The first two games alone had an attendance of 117,921 people.

Here in the U.S., fans are always looking for new ways to show their support. To help bring you closer to the game and the U.S. women’s team, Snapchat is introducing the first-of-its-kind USWNT Team Tracker Lens that will give you and other fans the ability to track the team’s stats, stay up-to-date on the latest news, learn fun facts about the players, and receive real-time updates on games.

But it’s just not the U.S. team that’s getting the Snapchat treatment. Various other teams competing in the World Cup will also be represented through a series of Global AR Lenses, allowing Snapchatters around the world to show off their country’s pride:

  • Global Fan Selfie Experience: Peruse through the ‘Across the Globe’ Lens to access a selfie Lens for every participating country. According to Snap Inc., these Lenses were created and produced by female Lens creators at VideOrbit Studio, which is a women-led Dutch XR design studio.
  • FIFA Lens: Can’t decide which team to support? The FIFA Fancestry quiz is an AR Lense that asks you a series of questions to decide for you.
  • USWNT Jersey Try-On Lens: Try on the official 2023 USWNT jersey using Snap’s Live Garment Transfer technology. 
  • Togethxr AR Lens: A new Lens created in partnership with Togethxr, the media and commerce company that advocates for equality and diversity in women’s sports. The Togethxr Lens was created by the aforementioned VideOrbit Studio.
Credit: Snap Inc.

On top of Lenses, Snapchat will be launching a whole new set of creative tools that will let anyone enhance their fan experience throughout the tournament!

  • Bitmoji: Created in partnership with Adidas, this update allows you to dress your Bitmoji avatar in official football kits.
    • Official team kits are available in the Adidas Fan Gear section for Colombia, Costa Rica, Italy, Jamaica, Philippines, Sweden, Argentina, Germany, Japan, and Spain.
    • Official team kits will also be available for Australia, Brazil, Canada, England, France, South Korea, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Portugal and USA.
    • Additional country kits are available in the Bitmoji Fan Gear section for China, Denmark, Ireland, Haiti, Morocco, Panama, South Africa, Switzerland, Vietnam, and Zambia.
  • Stickers & Filters: Liven up your Snaps with Women’s National Team Stickers and Filters for Australia, France, Norway, USA, Sweden, Nigeria, New Zealand, and Spain.
  • Cameos: Cameos are now available for every competing team. You can also access official National Team kits created in partnership with Adidas for Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Germany, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, the Philippines, Spain, and Sweden.
Credit: Snap Inc.

That action doesn’t end there, however. Snapchat will let you catch all the goals, highlights, and behind-the-scenes action from media partners and content creators.

  • U.S. Soccer App Integration: Post U.S. Soccer news to your Snapchat Story from the U.S. Soccer App. A new Lens lets you preview the article and capture reactions. 
  • Shows: Togethxr is producing a twice-weekly show on the Stories page called ‘Offside Special’ centered around women’s soccer. This includes off-field moments and various storylines.
    • ITV in the UK and Optus Sport in Australia is offering World Cup highlights in the Stories tab as well. 
  • Snap Stars & Creators: Follow your favorite footballers, professional athletes, and creators across Stories and Spotlight for exclusive content. Participants include Alisha Lehmann, Asisat Oshoala, Jordyn Huitema, Julia Grosso, Madison Hammond, Megan Reyes, Ryann Torrero, and Antonio Santiago.
    • U.S. Soccer is posting updates and content throughout the tournament on their official Snap Star profile.
Credit: Snap Inc.
  • Spotlight Challenges: Submit your best Snaps to women’s soccer-themed Spotlight Challenges, for a chance to win a share of up to $30,000. Make sure to use one of the following hashtags: 
    • #TeamSpirit (July 19-25) – Celebrate your favorite women’s soccer team. 
    • #GoalCelebration (July 31-August 6) – Use Director Mode to recreate your own version of one of the many iconic women’s soccer goal celebrations! 
    • #SoccerWatchParty (August 17-21) – Show off your IRL watch party with a location tag. 
  • Snap Map: Curated Stories on the Snap Map are available for each match, watch party, celebration, etc. 

The 2023 Fifa Women’s World Cup is underway now and streaming on multiple channels. To learn more about the games and the upcoming World Cup schedule, click here. Hit the links in the article for all of the Lenses available during the games!

For more information on all of the new Lenses and creative tools check out Snap Inc.’s official announcement here.

Feature Image Credit: Snap Inc.

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