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Butt Lift Buttock Plastic Surgery

There are many reasons that you may want to consider a butt lift as part of your personal revitalization journey. When aging, weight loss or illness cause your skin to sag around your bottom, butt lift surgery provides the tightening that no amount of exercise can achieve. Bigger butt surgery, combined with a butt lift, creates a silhouette you may never have thought possible for your body. The butt lift procedure is safe and easy when you rely on the best butt lift surgeon in Manhattan at Millennial Plastic Surgery. Call today to schedule your butt plastic surgery.

What is a Butt Lift?

A butt lift — also referred to as a gluteal lift — is a form of cosmetic surgery designed to improve the look of your rear end. Butt lifts specifically target sagging skin or unwanted fat around your buttocks. Unlike some other butt enhancement surgeries, a butt lift isn’t bigger butt surgery and it doesn’t add volume to your butt. Instead, it sculpts a higher, tighter version of your current bum.

If gravity is your butt’s biggest enemy, consider a butt lift for a tighter and more sculpted appearance. Millennial Plastic Surgery is NYC’s home for butt lifts and other forms of butt plastic surgery. Dr. David Shokrian and his talented team can help you realize your perfect butt.

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