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$150,000 ‘Bitcoin & Friends’ NFT Treasure Hunt To Debut January 3

Animated series Bitcoin & Friends have announced that their debut episode will air on YouTube on January 3rd, 18 GMT.

Each episode will feature an array of hidden seed phrases, which beady-eyed viewers can use to gain access to prize wallets holding NFT prizes totalling $150,000 USD.

What is Bitcoin & Friends?

Bitcoin & Friends is an 8-part animated series revolving around Bitcoin taking on the big banks, with all manner of madness, chicanery and hijinks along the way. According to series mastermind Uncle Chris, the series was commissioned as a conduit for introducing newcomers to cryptocurrency and NFTs.

On top of a share of the $150,000 NFT prize pool for those who find the seed phrases hidden in each episode, those who make the discoveries will have the opportunity to become characters and earn a co-producer credit in the forthcoming second season, anticipated to air in autumn 2024.

Watch the Series 1 trailer below.

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