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X Launches Audio and Video Calls on Andoid

So, X has now added audio and video calls for Android users, a feature that it rolled out on iOS back in October.

So now, if you want, you can make a more direct connection with someone via your X DMs. So long as you’re a paying user, as it’s only available on X Premium subscribers. And as The Verge points out, it’s not entirely clear if it’s available to Premium Basic users, the cheapest tier of X subscription.

But if you are paying, or are willing to pay for X, and you want to call them direct from the app, now you can.

Though of course, you can also conduct audio and video calls via WhatsApp, Messenger, basically every other messaging tool there is, which all have many more users, and are more likely your messaging platform of choice.

But as part of Elon’s “everything app” vision for the app, it’s another seemingly important step in facilitating more types of connection.

As with all elements of the “everything app” plan, I’m not sure that people are actually going to use any of these additions, but they’re there anyway, and who knows, maybe it will come in handy to launch a video call from an X DM exchange.

I can’t imagine much worse, and I would definitely be rejecting that request. But for more active X users, it could be of value.  

As X developer Enrique Barragan notes, the option is in the process of being rolled out to all Android users.

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