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Why the American Theatre Needs Nobel Laureate Jon Fosse

Jon Fosse is one of only a handful of playwrights to be awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature out of 120 people in the last twelve decades. With this rarity, it is important to acknowledge the lack of access we have in the U.S. to experience masterful international plays. Why is it important for the American theatre to experience plays from abroad? And how can we move the needle to encourage more production of plays in translation into American-English?

This livestreamed event celebrates Jon Fosse with a very short excerpt from one of his plays. We hear from a few artists who collaborated on his early U.S. debut productions (2003 – 2013), and then we broaden outwards to hear reports from the field on the state of international plays in translation and production in the U.S. today.

Organized by Neil Blackadder, Samuel Buggeln, and Sarah Cameron Sunde with participation from Anna Gutto, Natalia Payne, Marie-Louise Miller, Amelia Parenteau, Adam Versenyi, Taylor Gaines, Philip Boehm, Patrizia Acerra, Cobina Gillitt, Andrea Thome, and DZ Maciel 

For more about Fosse’s work in translation, read On Translating Nobel Laureate Jon Fosse’s Works for American Audiences, a conversation between Sarah Cameron Sunde and Amelia Parenteau.

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