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The Late Starter’s Guide to Financial Independence (Even in Your 50s!)

Ho ho ho! We hope you had a holly, jolly, frugal, and festive holiday season. With the BiggerPockets elves off tinkering to make even greater shows for next year, we bring you one of our FAVORITE episodes for an encore! In this show, you’ll hear about two VERY late starters who were able to reach retirement right on time!

If you think it’s too late to retire, think again!


Is early retirement possible if you’re dead broke in your 50s? What about regular retirement when you have a negative net worth later in life? If you feel it’s too late to retire, today’s guests are here to prove you wrong. After waking up at fifty with zero dollars to her name, Becky Heptig faced a dilemma—make a change or work for the rest of her days. So Becky and her husband, almost overnight, flipped their lifestyle around and started saving and investing everything they could. Now, she’s retired as a millionaire with complete financial flexibility.

Bill Yount wasn’t just worth zero dollars; he had a negative net worth at fifty. Even with a high-paying job, new cars, and a nice house, Bill was miles away from retirement but took the same path as Becky as he aggressively saved and started planning for retirement. Just a few years out from retirement, Bill has millions stashed away, a luxury lifestyle that his investments support, and a boat-sized amount of cash in his bank account.

If you think it’s TOO late to retire, you’re wrong. Becky and Bill prove in today’s episode that even if you’re starting late, with NOTHING to your name, retirement is only a decade (or a few years) away. You’ll hear EXACTLY how they retired early when starting from zero, the “wake-up call” late starters MUST have, and what you can do TODAY to get your retirement planning on track!

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In This Episode We Cover

  • How to go from broke in your 50s to millionaire (or multimillionaire) in your 60s
  • Lifestyle creep and why a high income is dangerous for most Americans
  • How to reverse your “spend first, save last” mindset and start investing for your future
  • The “wake-up call” that caused Becky and Bill to change their financial mindset
  • Whether or not it’s ever “too late” to retire (and what to do if you’re there)
  • Becky and Bill’s advice for those that are broke in their 40s, 50s, or 60s
  • Why you should NEVER buy a boat 
  • And So Much More!

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