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From His Grandma’s Couch Making $15/Hour to $30K/Year from ONE Property

Could ONE multifamily rental property change your life? Just five years ago, Jaryn Pierson was sleeping on his grandma’s couch, working a minimum-wage job, and getting sober. But when the right deal came along, it altered his financial future!

Welcome back to the Real Estate Rookie podcast! Jaryn discovered real estate during the lowest point of his life. When friends and family warned him not to invest, he bought a duplex in his hometown. Today, that property nets $30,000 in cash flow each year! Since then, he has only added to his portfolio—buying an eight-unit apartment building through a RARE seller financing opportunity and launching his own property management company. His old minimum-wage job? He’s still got it, only he has been promoted to general manager of multiple locations!

In this episode, Jaryn shares some of the biggest lessons he has learned during his real estate journey—from becoming a better Airbnb host to raising rents on long-term tenants. You’ll also learn how to find properties to manage, as well as why you should focus on stabilizing your portfolio rather than scaling it!

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • Jaryn’s multifamily rental property that brings in $30,000 per pear
  • How to raise rents on existing tenants (and keep them happy!)
  • Avoiding the banks to get a GREAT deal with seller financing
  • Jaryn’s biggest lessons learned as an Airbnb host
  • How to find clients for your property management company
  • When to focus on stabilizing your portfolio instead of scaling your business
  • And So Much More!

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