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Enjin Launches Quick Wallet to Simplify NFT Claims

Enjin, a proof-of-stake dual-layer chain, has introduced Quick Wallet to simplify access to the web3 ecosystem, specifically for claiming Enjin Beam NFTs.

This initiative aims to lower barriers to entry by offering users the ability to claim NFTs via email or a securely generated code, without initially needing the Enjin Wallet.

This feature expands the audience to users encountering web3 for the first time and accommodates those with minimal exposure with the ecosystem.

Source: Enjin

What is Quick Wallet?

Quick Wallet is designed to facilitate a simplified NFT claiming process by adapting a familiar method for tradition web2 users—through simple QR codes and confirmation numbers, usable on laptops or mobile devices.

Quick Wallet aims to create a more inclusive and accessible environment by allowing users the option to transfer their NFTs to a more permanent wallet at their convenience. It also manages asset storage and ensures up-to-date security measures.

Beyond digital environments, Quick Wallet is also useful in physical settings, as businesses can integrate claim links into digital content such as newsletters and social media posts, or enrich physical products with NFT-backed certificates of authenticity.

For more information on Quick Wallet and its features, visit Enjin Blockchain’s official website.

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