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America’s Path to “Renter Nation” as Prices Rise

The US economy has survived the past few years surprisingly well. But there’s one huge threat on the horizon no one is watching. With layoffs and bankruptcies already starting to tick up, a new wave of misfortune could hit consumers EVEN as inflation cools, interest rates begin to drop, and asset prices hit an all-time high. What’s coming for us that only the most economically inclined know about? We’re about to break it down on this BiggerNews.

J Scott, investing legend and author of too many real estate books to name, is back on the show to talk about housing crashes, economic predictions, mortgage rates, consumer sentiment, and the silent threat to the US economy that nobody is thinking about. J knows the game better than most and is the furthest thing from a bubble boy or permabull. He’s got his finger on the economic pulse and uses the most up-to-date economic data to form his opinions.

On today’s episode, J shares whether or not he believes another housing crash is coming, how America could become a “renter nationover the next decade, whether or not home prices will stay high once rates drop, how low mortgage rates could go in 2024, and the biggest economic risk to businesses, employees, and anyone operating in the US economy.

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In This Episode We Cover:

  • The likelihood of another housing crash, especially if America falls into a recession
  • A silent risk to the US economy that could hit everyday Americans hard
  • Why Americans are pessimistic about the economy but spending more than ever 
  • The economic “musical chairs” which must come to a stop sometime soon
  • Why home prices could continue to rise as mortgage rates begin to fall
  • Mortgage rate predictions and J’s forecast for how low they’ll go in 2024
  • The big bank bailout program that could be coming to a close
  • And So Much More!

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